2k boot logos
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boot logos are abit sad. normally on my 9x systems the msdos.sys gets logo=0 added and perhaps the io.sys/win.com modified. windows 2000 logos are more helpfull because the progress bars actually mean something, which can be interesting.

to save counting the coloured blocks on the white screen boot logo, a logo was designed to show the numbers; starting from 0, so the number to the right of the block gives the number of blocks displayed.

windows 2000 professional   windows 2000 server


right-click and save the desired logo above.

copy ntoskrnl.exe from the system32 directory into another directory (eg c:\)

using a resource editor; http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker
open the ntoskrnl copy

action -> replace bitmap (1 for professional and 4 for server)

file -> save
a backup is automatically made to the same directory called: ntoskrnl_original.exe

now to place ntoskrnl.exe into the system32 directory. windows file protection will watch for file replacements of certain files and will change them back in order to "maintain system stability" however if you reboot into some safe mode you can replace this file without a problem. if you are using fat16/32 you could also boot from a floppy and copy the file over.

if you install service pack 1+ you will need to repeat this process because ntoskrnl.exe is updated. unsure about other updates. if you modify the logos, make sure you do file -> save, not saveas because the bmp format will become invalid.
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