hidden keyboard and browser
clark@hushmail.com | updates closed

uses the active desktop to enable you to type using a mouse and browse the internet without being logged by keyloggers and window title captures.

now you see it... now you don't

download here: jskeyb.zip (4kb)


copy windows98.htm into the c:\windows\web\wallpaper folder
copy cchome.htm and hdefault.htm into c:\windows\web folder
select windows98 in background properties (enable active desktop)
to active the keypad, doubleclick in the very topright of the screen.
to active the browser area, doubleclick over the keyboard
to hide the keyboard and the browser area press f5

limits, restrictions and notes

you cannot type the following characters with the keypad: \ ' `
it will not stop window capture programs recording what you are doing
there is not an option for password input so it will be in plain text at one point
it can not stop javascript etc "jump out of frames" code inserted into webpages
while the keypad and browser are hidden, if you view the source all is revealed
try to only have upto one line of icons down the right hand side of the screen
this was designed for screen of resolution 1024*768 on windows98
it has _not_ been tested on anything other.
you must get permission from the respective author before reproduction