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the conscience of a hacker
i was lucky enough to attend a live reading of this at h2k2 in new york. i can tell you everyone shutup when he (the mentor) started speaking those words, and when he had finished the room erupted into a lengthy applause with many standing up, read it and find out why.

the jargon file (fyi: tarball = 8.7mb)
a large reference to all manner of technical expressions.

elf qrin's lair
good articles/reference in the "libary" + interviews and the hacker test.

modern hackers desk reference
covers a wide range of computer security topics.

ms win2k - how it works
this is good.

blacksun research facility
vast selection of tutorials.

program autostart methods
track down that annoying program that loads at startup, with this respectible sized reference - be warned, it is not *all* of them.

vicomsoft resources
very decent articles - what nice people these are!

why numbers written backwards?
i always used to wonder about this - why _are_ the numbers written backwards?

winhex knowledge base
wide range of reference and articles relating to world of hex :-)

histroy of windows
from its small beginnings to xp - you gota check out the windows 98 system crash at a bill gates pre-release presentation ;-)

not as nicely active as it used to be, but worth a vist.

browser archive
as the title says! all manner of web browsers and most of their versions too!

the faces in front of the monitors
pictures of well known persons in the world of computers. if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can view "the complete history of hacking" well not complete, but it covers major landmarks.

request for comments
_the_ network protocol standards, the fyi rfc sub-series is worth looking at too.

iana | protocol/number assignments directory
from the intro: "the iana houses the many unique parameters and protocol values necessary for operation of the internet and its future development."

the ten immutable laws of security
interesting, where does the ms "trustworthy computing" fit into this?

uk (computer) law - know your rights!!

computer misuse act 1990 - covers unauthorised access and modification of computer systems and searching premises where such an offence is believed to have been or is about to be committed.

regulation of investigatory powers act 2000 - this is the reason all uk isps have black boxes installed + it covers a whole other bunch of nasties.

terrorism act 2000 - there go many of our rights :-( this is a bad one. - home to angus hamilton solicitors and his articles written for pc pro magazine.

shields up!
steve gibson providing an online port and security check.

symantec security check
online connection security scan and/or a virus check.

sygate online services
a very decent scanning system, with various levels of scanning. ie/ns/safari only

are you safe?
firewall check - interesting this one is - why just two ports? timeout long enough?

(reverse)dns lookups, traceroot, etc...

the "net tools" are particularly usefull.

time and date
wanna know what the exact time (or day) is around the world?

xe universal currency converter
find out what every and any currency is worth in another.

internet archive
want to see how a site looked awhile back? search for it in the "wayback machine"

you *haven't* visted thinkgeek - shocking!!

gizmos uk
kinda cool, fun stuff.

computer stupidities
i laughed so much it hurt.

flame warriors
funny illustrations and descriptions of online personalities - recognize anybody?

hackers the movie
(takes a while to fully load) alternative natitive to the movie hackers.

the shard
the matrix - like hackers the movie. (see above)

the bastard operator from hell official archive
even more bofh over at 2000, 2001 & 2002
heheh - i _rule_ this network ;-)

kung fu flash (1.34mb)
having played around with flash alittle, i could only utter one word after seeing this: unf***ingbelievable.

dos games archive
catchup on/or relive some classic games - remember wolfenstein?

stupid computer tricks
the things people do to their computers..!! - oh boy :-)

computer related movies:

tron        (1982) official imdb
wargames    (1983) official imdb

sneakers    (1992) official imdb
hackers     (1995) official imdb empire
net, the    (1995) official imdb empire
matrix, the (1999) official imdb empire wallpaper

antitrust   (2001) official imdb empire
swordfish   (2001) official imdb empire

there is also hackers 2 aka la takedown (2000) imdb. a hollywood interpretation of the kevin mitnick case, however is not completely true to life and is frowned upon because of the release during his imprisonment/pending(?) trial.
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