usefull programs | updates as needed
the following programs have been used while writing the content of this site and were found to be usefull. treat license, price and filesize as a guide because there maybe varation due to product versions.
view, edit and save sections/the entire system memory of a nt system :-)
free; 25kb

advanced ntsecurity explorer (antexp)
dictionary and combination testing of user password hashes from nt
demo; $49.00; 1.38mb

bootit next generation
partition manager, and boot loader - partition image and restore builtin
this program is seriously good

demo; $29.95; 468kb

conseal pc firewall
rule based firewall and connection logging - now owned by mcafee :-(
15 day demo; no resellers; 915kb/1.03mb

file monitor
displays file activity in realtime
free; 79kb

compare all files, folders, and registry changes between certain times
demo; $29.95; 987kb

convert numbers from one base to another
free and open source; 55kb

iris - the network traffic analyzer
capture dialup/network packets, hex explanation, send packets + a lot more
eeye, this is amazing!!

demo; $995.00; 2.74mb

lc4 (l0phtcrack)
dictionary and combination testing of user password hashes from nt, includes sniffer for network authentication
demo; $249; 4.08mb

decrypt registry values from the "secrets" key
free and open source; 44kb

visual trace route, gather much information about the route to a ip
now owned by mcafee :-(

demo; $29.95; 1.56mb

scan remote ips for open ports, os identification etc
free; 6.18mb

norton ghost
system backup/restore
nodemo; $69.95; 9.6mb

ntfs for dos
read or read/write to ntfs partitions in dos
read: free; 37kb
read/write: nodemo; $299; 959kb

ntfs for windows 98 (some nt files are required)
read or read/write to ntfs partitions in windows 98, without the security ;-)
read: free - read/write: $49; 796kb

offline ntpassword & registry editor
bootable floppy disk with ntfs support. nt user password reseter, registry browser and editor - petter nordahl-hagen, this is amazing!!
free and open source; 1.4mb

offline ntpassword & registry editor
as above, but for a cd
free; 1.5mb(iso)

display user password hashes from active directory or the security accounts manager in nt
free and open source; 46kb

pe explorer
resource hacker and a bit more, can handle upx exes
demo; $99; 1.43mb

performance test
run different benchmarks on your computer
demo; $18.00; 554kb

quick setup of a local server with php mysql and perl for script testing
free; 13.5mb

process explorer
view running processes + their handles, and close both - excellant :-)
free; 83kb

a *very* good dos hex editor
demo; $49; 142kb

ranish partition manager
a *very* good partition manager
free; 129kb

registry monitor
displays registry activity in realtime - i like this program ;-)
free; 67kb

resource hacker
view and modify 32bit program resources
free; 541kb

task manager for 9x operating systems
demo; $35; 656kb

visnetic firewall
statefull firewall and connection logging, has the option of deny all when the firewall is not running - how sensible!!
demo; $69.95; 2.33mb

hex editor with many extras - stefan fleischmann, this is amazing!!
demo; private $35.95, professional $66.50; 407kb

displays "hidden" windows, some of which are very interesting ;-)
free; 136kb
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